Atrocious Realization

This post started out as “Radioactive Shit” and with a sentence beginning, “Recently i have had diarrhea full of bubbles and grease…”

Well that problem cleared with a one day followed by a two-day colonoscopy prep because the first prep failed, my bowels are so bad.  Now my shit is clean.  Clean enough for me to distinguish the good from the bad, something I’ve never done in my life.

I have cancelled book publication.  There is something in “Every Cloud…A Journal, Abridged,” that is to bad to say.

Now, I finally have clarity.  It came down to the last painful moments, yesterday

(oh by the way I have started Lactulose for my bowels, it works)

of wrestling with the financial and family problems of book publication given that I rely on my family for a part of my finances and that the journal is mostly about THEM.

I can and will blame THEM for the atrocious thing I did.  According to the old Testament I should be stoned and…

Well anyway it is in the book and the full seriousness of it finally dawned on me.  Suffice it to say that I am developing a new book called “Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove.”  I see the pictures of Dorian and Thomas and Tigger, and Daisy, their mother, and I want to cry.
“Dare to tell the truth,” they said on Christian radio, so I came to post this.


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