As for the clan of the cat

The problem with this is that it’s just too weird.

I have a problem at the state hospital.  I start to lose my mind.  Then, I’m sitting in the kitchen with Daisy and Cinnamon, who were fighting, and I start talking to them, and they respond.  By settling down the fight.  So I somewhere in this I see “a husband.”  I think I’ve already started wondering when Patsy saw me, where she was.  She is the one who wrote the “note” on me that intimidated me, in morning group.  One of the possibilities for the problems in my past that she was the “match” for was my cats and all that had happened there (at that time I was still blocking out the sexual abuse instances.)  (Others included my sister, Sally, and my first psychologist Sharon.)  So I go back to the hospital (I ran away and got sent back by my parents) and I tell the social worker of the unit that I can’t think of any explanation of Patsy and the note other than the “cat-god” (to which I have never subscribed in belief before and I was telling her just to make it clear how crazy I was getting and that I needed help (at this time I was still trying to be super-rational in my life like my Dad);  I was having this ideation however.)

Then I get out of the state hospital.  I start going to singles dances and I meet a man there whom, I find out later is a McPherson, one of the members of the clans chattan.  This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right away, but over time I hear that the motto of all the clans chattan (it is a family of Scottish clans) is ‘Touch not the cat bot a glove.’  I’m clear that “bot” is to say “but with.”  But the rest of it still confuses me.  (And this McPherson does become my husband.)

Huh what?

Figuring this out is the heart of this tale.


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