Bad hot dog day

So I went to a discount store to do my grocery shopping and ended up with a trash bag full of bad food.  Then I went to my regular grocery store and purchased three full gallons of the same iced tea I bought at the discount store (one of the few things that was good, and I really liked it.)  It was on sale, three for x dollars.  Then I bought hot dogs, buy one get one free.  I already know that this pricing is a gimmick for getting rid of bad food.  Somehow my experience at the discount store carried over.

So right now I am arguing with my father.  I am sick as a dog, and the Lord used my illness to show His face to him.  My father listens in on my conversations “with myself.”  He regards my God-voice as illusory, or just me talking to myself.

(sick as a dog)

My thoughts were so scrambled that he could clearly hear the method and logic of the voice from above which guides me.  So of course when it came back to me and him he got combative.  First he dislocated my jaw.  “I’ll have you talking two languages,” he said, meaning he’d have me talking out the other side of my mouth.  I can still feel it.  Then he broke my neck.  My father is old.  My coming to reason has been hard of him.  “This” he made clear to me, “is what I’ve been wanting to do to you for a long time.”  He understands, finally, that God is watching.  (Now I feel my jaw slipping back into place.)  So he’ll be crying.  What this has to do with the clan of the cat I have no idea.  I’m sick as a dog.  I guess it just goes to show that my father has nothing to do with the clan of the cat.  Everybody tried to gang up on my mother, but now HE’ll get it for a change.  I just don’t know which one of them is worse, or whose fault it is they both got so bad.  My mother pulls a nice face but then she backs of of it.  My father hides his feelings and you just don’t know with him.  But I have a feeling that he will comes through this with a vision informed by God as mine is, through illness (from his stroke; you know about mine.)  And maybe he’ll be the one to put everything back into place.  Through it all, hope begins to prevail.


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