About Donald Trump

My son and I watched the end of GOP Day 4 last night, after speaking at length on the phone.  I went to his place at my mother and Dad’s house.

I was impressed!

I thought that Trump was a loon at first, but in the clips and footage I’ve seen more recently I could discern his keen mind and last night I saw a very human, very improbable, in this day of t.v.+ hi-tech, very valuable person (obviously! how many billions?)  I thought, this man is like a Lincoln, or any other president of olden time, a common man with a mission to become President.

I can’t wait to see him trash Hilary (uggh.)


3 thoughts on “About Donald Trump

  1. Human, I’ll grant. Valuable? Financial wealth is not a spiritual virtue, and since he won’t release his taxes we don’t know if he’s even a billionaire. But “keen mind”? That makes me wonder a bit about yours. People like Trump because he’s an authoritarian, a traditional strongman type. No one (except you I guess) views him as having a keen mind for much outside of real estate transacting. He has energy, drive and passion, knows how to hire good people etc. but Trump is only smart in the sense that in the kingdom of the blind, a one-eyed man is king.

    You and I probably agree completely about Mrs. Clinton, but that doesn’t make me see Trump as automatically any better. Both major party candidates are ethically compromised, insanely ambitious lovers of power, not service-oriented persons anyone can look up to easily.

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    1. Sorry, yes, I just started looking at this election; I have been very worried. I CANNOT vote for Hilary and I was afraid Trump wasn’t a viable candidate, but I AM impressed to see how well someone who is basically a businessman, rather than a politician, could handle the media spotlight and present a basically creditable show.


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